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Postural Assessment & Rehabilitation in Maitland FL

Personalized Posture Pictures

Our office uses a posture analysis application to measure the angles and linear distances of posture displacement. This documentation assists our chiropractors during a patient's initial exam to provide a better idea of where discomfort may be stemming from. The doctor will review these measurements with you before your adjustment.

Step-by-step postural rehab with our certified posture experts on staff.

Homework and How-To Exercises to Improve Posture for Life.

As a therapeutic exercise patient, you will receive a document from our posture experts with different exercises and stretches to practice at home that are specifically related to your condition. Each document is detailed with pictures included to help you achieve your best results. These documents are for you to keep for future reference if the same postural issues occur later on.

3-D computerized scanning to determine postural imbalances and custom orthotics if needed to act as spinal pelvic stabilizers.

Another application we use with chiropractic patients is our 3D computerized scan to determine postural imabalances. We believe it is important to educate our patients on their unique biomechanics. The process is also super simple! We only scan your feet, but we see so much more. This scan will let us know if your shoulders, hips, or knees are out of alignment. Based on this, the doctors will be able to determine if orthotics would be beneficial. If so, this computerized system helps us get them custom made just for you!