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Dr. O'Keefe's Testimonial

My profession carries with it a certain amount of physical stress, especially in my arms. About 4 months ago, I began to experience shoulder pain. I had difficulty moving my arm and if I moved suddenly, a sharp, breathtaking pain was usually the result. This injury affected my sleep as I was unable to find a comfortable position and If I moved during the night, the pain would wake me up. I decided to get an MRI. When the lab results came back I was surprised to hear that I had 3 tears in my right shoulder: supraspinatus, infraspinatus (2 rotator cuff muscles), and the labrum (cartilage inside the joint). I was told by my orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist that I would need surgery. I decided to try a conservative approach consisting of K-laser, chiropractic instrument adjustments, massage, and physical therapy first. After 3 months of treatments, I scheduled a follow-up MRI. I was thrilled to find out all 3 tears had healed!! I have full range of motion with no pain and am forever grateful for K-laser. It truly is a miracle in a box! -D.O.

Additional Testimonials

  • "Noticeably improved neuropathy and hand and leg cramping." -S.L.
  • "It's been 3 days without needing a pain pill. I used to take them every 4 hours!" -R.G.
  • "My experience with K-Laser therapy has been a very good one. It has helped me greatly." -S.L.
  • "In just a few treatments with the K-Laser my husband's symptoms are going away. The burning sensation and loss of feeling are almost gone after 10 treatments." -J.H.
  • "After 7 treatments with K-Laser I was able to move my toes up and down and feel the skin between my toes. I have not felt that in 2 years! I can now feel sensations!" -J.M.