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Restoring Health Holistic Wellness | Our Office

Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center | Maitland FL

In essence, the doctors Vaughn and O'Keefe have been "Restoring Health" together since 2013 and felt the need to expand their presence, outreach, services and EVEN their name. 
Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center was born out of the vision of the founding doctors. Their goal is to start locally in Maitland and then reach as many people in the nation and the world as they can to help individuals regain, maintain and restore the vibrant health that they are meant to have. 

Our center is dedicated to bringing back energy, longevity and vitality to each individual. No person has the exact same health challenges and our goal is to provide expert Health care to help YOU determine how to navigate your unique blueprint to restore your health.

We believe that people are Important and how we treat them matters! We strive to do our best to provide excellent care for every person who we are privileged to care for.