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Anxiety? Depression? ADHD? Neurofeedback Can Help!

If you live near Maitland in Florida, we can help you! Neurofeedback Brain Training is a non-invasive and drug-free method of retraining brainwaves, which can improve or eliminate many neurological issues.

These can include:

  • ADD, Autism & Learning Issues
  • Anxiety, Depression & PTSD
  • Concussion & Brain Injuries
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Chronic Pain & Fatigue
  • Memory Loss & Dementia
  • Strokes & Seizures
  • Addiction & Anger Management
  • Fibromyalgia & More!

What Does Neurofeedback Do?

Neurofeedback does not directly target conditions and symptoms…It corrects irregular brainwaves and modifies timing patterns in the brain. This is achieved through multiple neurofeedback sessions, where the brain is re-trained into making normal patterns. The result is an improvement in brain regulation, which then impacts a variety of symptoms.

Think of neurofeedback as driving a car on a freeway. If you steer outside of your lane, bad things can happen. Neurofeedback keeps your brainwaves in the proper lane and on track, where they are supposed to be. Brainwave patterns that are in normal ranges will result in better overall health.

Neurofeedback May Provide Long Term Improvement

Have you seen a physician for your issue with no results? Did they only prescribe medications that don’t really help? Are you looking for an alternative option for relief? If so, neurofeedback may offer the solution.

If you live in or near the Orlando and Maitland area, please call or email us to schedule a consultation or a non-invasive QEEG brain map. It may be the best decision you ever make for your health and well-being.

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