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Taking Psychiatric Medications? Why You Need A Brain Map Before You Do

Written By Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center on March 6, 2020

Here's a fact: Currently there are NO LAB TESTS that can help a doctor determine what psychiatric medications may work for you. Most of it is guesswork based on your existing conditions and how you answer their questions. As a result, you may be taking certain medications that can actually MAKE THINGS WORSE! This is why you need a brain map first.

Most doctors and psychiatrists use questionnaires to narrow down and determine a diagnosis. However it doesn't tell them anything about what your unique brain patterns would look like and how you might respond to treatment. For one person what may look like ADHD on paper may present like anxiety to someone else. Imagine taking anxiety medication and having your symptoms get worse!

This can be even more complex when one person has multiple diagnoses. Statistically speaking, the more providers you see the more likely you are to end up with more than one label. For example, depression is often accompanied by anxiety. However in a qEEG, or brain map, they look completely opposite. Which means even if a medication helps one set of symptoms, its likely going to aggravate the other.

Wouldn't it be nice to not guess, but instead be able to precisely determine what conditions are present? This would help determine which medications or alternate therapies would work best. It may even rule out medications altogether! Or maybe your symptoms are not related to your brain patterns, but rather lifestyle issues which require a totally different type of treatment.

A brain map helps achieve this goal, all non-invasively and at a very low price. Also known as a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG for short), a brain map scans the surface of your brain, recording your primary brainwaves for 1 minute per lobe (6 minutes total). In doing so, it is able to capture a snapshot of brain activity to determine if brainwaves are moving too fast or too slow. This gives us an incredible amount of information that, when compiled and run through a database, can be used by an expert to determine the presence of many neurological conditions. In doing so, a doctor can now make an accurate determination as to what is the best approach to treat your issues, be that medications, neurofeedback or other alternative modalities. If you are currently on or considering medications to treat a neurological conditions, we highly recommend getting a QEEG brain map here in our office. It really is the best tool for precisely determining what conditions are present and how to address them.


If you live near Orlando or Altamonte Springs and are having some of the problems listed above, come in for a non-invasive brain scan. This revolutionary tool can identify most problems in the brain in less than 30 minutes.

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