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Neurofeedback Can Boost Performance Abilities

Written By Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center on September 3, 2019

Whether you perform live on a regular basis or are practicing your craft at home, studies have shown that neurofeedback can significantly improve your ability to perform at your best. Why? Neurofeedback can improve creativity, reduce performance anxiety and improve overall focus. It allows your body to relax and be present in the moment, qualities highly valued by performing artists.

There are literally hundreds of studies that show
neurofeedback can improve focus, memory, emotional stability and motor skills.
These improvements in the brain can easily contribute to fine-tuning one's performance
ability. But more specific studies hadn't been done until recently.

Neurofeedback was first applied to music performance in
2009 in London, when the Royal College of Music (RCM) completed a study on
musical performance with 36 participants. This study (Enhancing Imaginative
Expression in the Performing Arts with EEG-Neurofeedback, Gruzelier, 2011)
demonstrated that Neurofeedback substantially improved students stylistic
accuracy, interpretive imagination and incidental error count.

Substantial improvement was found in musicality, technique, and communication for 22 musicians receiving neurofeedback. Playing music alone has been shown to cause greater organizational and higher-order executive functioning in the brain. Neurofeedback can help sharpen and enhance those skills as well as calm the nerves. If you are a performance artist, neurofeedback is a tool worth considering.


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