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Effective Help For Depression?

Written By Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center on August 3, 2020

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A huge number of people in America (and the world) suffer from some sort of depression. Even more go undiagnosed. For those who have been diagnosed, the #1 method of treatment is prescription medications. While they do offer relief, consider this: Medications won’t cure the problem or make it go away permanently. They can be considered at best a temporary fix for a chronic problem. This is because research has found that antidepressants do not correct the type of brainwave pattern that causes depression. New evidence has found that on average, antidepressant medications only have an 18% effect over and above placebo effects.

Why is this? The reason is that depression is primarily a brain issue, not a metabolic issue (body based). Medications have no effect on the brain other than to modify blood flow. But there is a more permanent option available.

For those looking for a permanent solution to depression, neurofeedback is worth consideration. This computer-based brain therapy directly targets the brainwaves in our heads that are running too slow and are responsible for depressive thoughts. By normalizing brainwaves in the right areas, it may help reduce or eliminate depressive thoughts for good. In fact, people with depression have been shown to see significant improvement in as little as 10 sessions. Sessions are enjoyable and involve watching a movie or listening to music, and results are often permanent.

Neurofeedback is backed by 50 years of clinical research that has shown permanent lasting improvement in many studies. Best of all, it requires no medications and you may eventually get off the ones you are currently using. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what neurofeedback can do for you.

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