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Are You Tired All The Time? There Could Be A Bigger Issue.

Written By Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center on September 7, 2020

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According to the CDC, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder characterized by profound fatigue on a regular basis. It is NOT improved by bed rest and can even be worsened by physical or mental activity. The symptoms affect several body systems and may include:

  • Weakness
  • Muscle pain
  • Impaired memory/concentration
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

CFS is classified as a neurological disorder. Most doctors will treat the symptoms using antidepressants and tranquilizers, depending on the patient’s situation. In addition, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs help relieve muscle and joint aches that often accompany Chronic Fatigue. Fibromyalgia syndrome and CFS are often overlapping conditions.

Can Neurofeedback help with Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS)?

This 1996 case study report identified Neurofeedback as a potential treatment with chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. Test results and clinical findings revealed improvements in the patient’s cognitive abilities, functional skill level, and quality of life. The patient showed significant differences in pre- and post-test levels on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

Another study (2001) shows that a combination of Neurofeedback and self-hypnosis training were beneficial for a 21 year old patient with serious CFS. She experienced considerable improvement in fatigue, vigour, and confusion as measured pre-post with the Profile of Mood States and through collaborative interviews with both parents. Most of the changes were maintained at 5, 7, and 9 month follow-up testing.

With Neurofeedback we can help you reduce many of those symptoms like sleeping problems, panic attacks, headaches and increase your cognitive abilities.

By reducing your symptoms you will feel better and less tired. After successful Neurofeedback training you should experience reduced fatigue and more energy. Neurofeedback is safe, natural and allows your brain to self-regulate and stabilize. This is a good and effective method to help you defeat chronic fatigue syndrome and regain control of your life.

If you live in the Orlando area, contact us to see if we can help identify and improve your symptoms using neurofeedback and other brain-based therapies.

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