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Achieving Peak Performance With Neurofeedback

Written By Restoring Health Holistic Wellness Center on March 23, 2020

The phrase “Peak Performance” is a popular buzzword now. In today's hyper-competitive world, we seek out every advantage we can get. This can include modifying our food intake, supplements and using apps to help us get that little extra edge. However, many people are overlooking the most important factor in enhancing performance: your brain.

When professional golfers want an extra edge, they use advanced computer technology that monitors their swing speed, posture, height and many other factors. As a result, clubs can be custom fitted to each player to maximize their efficiency. Customized computer training allows them to operate at their best.

So it should not surprise you to know that there is a technology available today that can help your brain achieve optimal performance in much the same way. It's called neurofeedback, and it is available for everyone. By optimizing brainwaves, it can help optimize physical and mental performance.

The first step is to fill out a few online surveys through our system. The process takes about 20 minutes. The next step is to get a QEEG brain map to assess the areas of your brain that need tuning. The brain map will generate report showing the areas of the brain that need help and a list of protocols to address these using neurofeedback. The last step is neurofeedback sessions, which help fine tune brainwaves while you watch a movie or listen to music. The process is safe, non-invasive and enjoyable. And the benefits are increased performance and focus. For those who wish to improve or optimize there potential, neurofeedback is one of the most accurate and effective tolls available today.


If you live near Orlando or Altamonte Springs and are having some of the problems listed above, come in for a non-invasive brain scan. This revolutionary tool can identify most problems in the brain in less than 30 minutes.

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